Why there’s never been a reality tv show set in a rehab 

The short answer: cause that shit is fucking personal, & no one is themself when they are going through it.

The long answer is..


The Mirror Of DaehKcid

Contrary to popular belief, I like the idea of personal change and perpetual progress (I’m just a pedant about it being on my terms).

I will say that the drive required to enjoy the process of change is one of the first that addiction tends to knock on its arse. They all go eventually, but a drive that values and seeks out discomfort is first up against the wall when the de-revolution comes.

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The 60 Days – Day 1

After successfully completing my 31 Days at the end of last week, I’m starting a fresh challenge today, this time 60 days. 

After the lessons learnt from The 31 Day Challenge, I’m feeling quite confident about this challenge, even with the doubled time frame. 
I will also be adding a fitness element of alternating cycling and gym days to this challenge. Basically daily exercise and stretching.

It’s been a long few days.

Experience Is The Best Research Tool

Most things in life can only be known & understood via personal experience.

And even then, all knowledge acquisition is subject to the conditions it was consumed under.  For example, stress and uncertainty are not ideal conditions for retaining information. Such difficulties tend to leave a greater lasting experiential & emotional impact, and are not so conducive to absorbing and retaining theoretical or conceptual amounts of data.

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Day 26: Detox Dreams & Morning Temptation Battles

And if I am successful I know that I defeated the only real enemy I have: myself.

So it’s taken until the night of Day 26 for me to have a drug-related dream.

These types of dreams usually start to kick in once physical withdrawal is over (within the first week for most things except alcohol and cigarettes, which are weeks and months respectively… the 2 legal ones… hmmmm…). Continue reading “Day 26: Detox Dreams & Morning Temptation Battles”

A Note on Addiction

I have a fucking truckload to say about addiction.

And most that I want to say is directed at those who have never (yet) struggled with addiction but are full of advice about Dali g with it. It might also be of interest to others; fortunately the nice people tend to offer more support than advice.

Blurred Lines

Not all addictive behavior is solely about a lack of personal control over the impact of extended substance use.

The use of recreational drugs can be one of the last lines of defense against the influence of external control. Like “If I don’t have any control over the rest of my life, at least I can still control how i feel” kinda thing.

Obviously, this strategy is full of flaws. Prolonged substance use weakens the substances efficacy as the user develops an immunity / familiarity with the effects. Theres the obvious physical alterations and their related effects on physical and mental health and function.

I’m just saying that in treating substance use issues from a psychological angle, it should be considered that it’s not a search to be out of control, but the quest to retain it, if only in small doses.

I had a ‘Blankety-Blanks’ [see Face To Face Conversations post] conversation with someone late last year whom I considered to be a very intelligent, insightful and sensitive human being. It raised the topic of addiction with him because of a piece he had written that made a thinly veiled reference to it, and positioned it in the very generic pigeonholed context I mention above.

So I wanted to discuss this a bit, particularly as I took a guess that this guy had never been challenged by addiction (he said he had, to things like reading, religion etc… really not even close to the same bro.. had he said food I might have conceded…)

Anyway, I put forth the idea of substance use as a last ditch attempt at control when control was almost completely lost. His response:

“Well, not really, I think that’s almost never the real case”.

This is why detox facilities and rehabs often employ ex-addicts – at least they can see where the addict is coming from.