On the way home tonight..

I’m pretty sure I saw an early 30s-ish guy of middle eastern decent getting shaken down in a substantially large police check on Ratchadpisek Rd b/w Sukhumvit  & Rama 4.

I came through the check point in a taxi so was (almost guaranteed) impervious to anything more than a 2nd or 3rd torch flash in the eyes . But as I cruised passed, ( only travelling at not much more than light jogging pace, and unencumbered by need to focus on driving) I could take a long progressive look at the main police/civilian interaction going down along the length of the police presence there.

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Riding through Bangkok Traffic is my new ‘Taking a shit’ thinking time

I used to do a good portion of my free thinking time whilst taking a shit. I know I’m not unique in this habit; in fact given the role taking a shit plays in the healthy function of any mammal, I’d say it was a custom utilized before there were even  many thoughts to be had.

But no more. This oldest instance of ‘Me Time’ has been high-jacked. Stolen from us, yet another name on the list of tragically silent deaths of another norm in our lives that has been, up until the digital age, traditionally a time of solitude, & therefore useful reflection.

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