Hope gets us through impossible times, when the challenge is or appears to be completely impossible to overcome. That’s why it’s so big in fairy tales, hero journeys and romance novels.

I had a realisation that Hope is a crutch that is easier to rely upon than actually taking action.

This blog is about about the journey to that realistion, subsequent other and random blah… It’s probably got some “why is this public?” diary elements to it. I swear a bit on it, and occasionally write something I hope is relatable or helpful.

(Not holding my breath on that last one, but you never know).

The content of this blog comments more than opinions. I have and will occasionally soapbox it, or speak of something like it’s gospel. Don’t believe that I necessarily believe it… I just believe it at that time.

That’s the reason they date blog posts right?


But what’s most important is that it’s my version, not the version.

The Hope Detox



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