I used to do a good portion of my free thinking time whilst taking a shit. I know I’m not unique in this habit; in fact given the role taking a shit plays in the healthy function of any mammal, I’d say it was a custom utilized before there were even  many thoughts to be had.

But no more. This oldest instance of ‘Me Time’ has been high-jacked. Stolen from us, yet another name on the list of tragically silent deaths of another norm in our lives that has been, up until the digital age, traditionally a time of solitude, & therefore useful reflection.

Now it’s a time to catch up on social media, email, or continue a chat.

With my usual happy place forever ruined, I’ve discovered my new thinking & new ideas time is whilst riding my bicycle or on the back of a motorbike taxi, cruising through rhe Bangkok traffic.

It’s quite meditative, in the sense that focus on the Traffic & what’s happening around me is both distracting enough to occupy my frontal lobe,  it background enough to allow free flow of thoughts.

It’s also visually stimulating and varied enough to spark wave after wave of new ideas.

I’m actually pretty stoked with the upgrade to my Me Time.

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