Focus but don’t focus.

Fuck you Zen teaching.


… by which I mean, isn’t it interesting how so many of the great bits of knowledge are quite simple, and it’s that simplicity, coupled with the reach of their relevance and power, that makes them so difficult to discover in the first place.

Like the Theory of Relativity or the Fibonacci Sequence.

Which is sucky but also awesome.

(See what i did there?)

One of the Arts of Good Living may well be the art of focusing with out focusing. Of being int the moment and attentive without consciously thinking about. Of having pin-point and widescreen vision simultaneously.

The Arts of Good Living are honed crafts, as much as any art is. Some are born with a greater innate talent in certain arts, but all have the capacity to achieve a level at which they can be satisfied and therefore achieve confidently a state of PM.

Each individual’s Art of Good Living Guide is written in a language only that individual can understand. And whilst we are the ones who write our Guides, we must learn to be able to read the language that it is written in. The classroom for this learning is at The School Of Experience.

Hope and Regret are both on the faculty.

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