Negativity is fucked. It is the ultimate buzz kill.

When I say ‘negativity’, I’m referring to the internal, perceptive state of mind type, not the type dished outward by people towards others. That kind of negativity can actually produce a productive result – either clearly indicating a particular nature within someone, or highlighting some otherwise unseen element to something.


So why have we evolved to have negativity be such a powerful force?

Probably 2 reasons.

1. Regret:

Eventually, no matter how much you resist it, regret will come into your life and do it’s thing.

Regret is ugly. It’s kinda like Hades compared to Zeus – the unkempt, ragged filthy robed, hunched over, scowling rat faced brother opposite of the resplendent, highly polished silver armor clad, R&B-video-bedroom-clean-as-new, Vidal Sasson TV commercial that we get Zeus presented as in modern films. Although everyone has or will embraced regret like a sibling at some point, it’s quite instinctual to sense that the longer you hang out with regret, the more you start to look like him, ugly.

Regret only real does his thing after he has left. It’s like he smells like coffee and Marlboro Reds, and his scent is left in the room after he leaves. It’s only then, since his foul visage has stopped enthralling with it’s extent of ugliness, that we are more free to appreciate the familiar and comfortable aroma he has left behind. And in that comfort we can begin to gather own personal clear picture of the lessons in the stores that Regret tells.

(All stories have lessons, some are just more useful and valuable than others).

2. Negativity is an offshoot of caution.

Pessimistic people are guarding against the possibility of bad (or worse) shit happening with they allow themselves to believe in something good happening.

Anyway, it’s shit and should be avoided. Obviously this is way easier said than done.

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