So, what’s all this mean in the self-help-giving-advice-after-a-difficult-experience type buzz?

Basically, I think Hope is a sneaky fucker inside all of us, and we are rarely in situations that we need him. All Hope does is weaken your resolve to act to solve the challenge in front of us.

It’s important to note that this is the ongoing story of my experience, hopefully with some concise comments on how, in hindsight, I have learned from it and discovered my own version of a path towards genuine, owned, individual, unique strength, always exactly the correct dose I need for any situation or challenge.

Also important to remember if you are considering embarking on a similar journey, or it’s being forced on to you, that you never hear the stories from the people who descended into their Hell and never quite made it out again. I’m pretty sure only a certain level of ‘detachedness’ facilitates the perspective to tell the story in a way that could be understood by, let alone possibly benefit, others.


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