Perhaps I’m behind the times. Perhaps there is some benefit that I’m blinded to by my outdated penchant for being honest with people to their faces (within reason of course, although I rarely hold back to spare feelings – it’s more about the ‘can’t-be-fucked-with-the-potential-social-media-nameless-but-obvious-attacks’ part – I do try to keep criticism constructive).

Perhaps there is some merit in it – I guess for the acquaintances-called-friends world we’re now stuck with thanks to Facebook’s appropriation and bastardization of the the word “Friend’ it makes sense that we’re less than forthcoming to someone’s face.

But for real relationships – ones that actually do make it out of the ether and into the physical realm – I can’t get my head around this Millenial-driven trend of not discussing anything face-to-face that could end in a negative outcome/argument/dissolution of friendship etc.

It leaves me very uncomfortable and with a strong feeling that my time is being stolen by insincere bullshit conversations.

I’m also at a loss on how to resolve misunderstandings with practitioners of this style.

Conversations with these types of people are like a game of Blankety-Blanks. Forever guessing at a subtext, forever wondering if I’ve missed a reference somewhere in popular culture that, had I known it, would open this vault of understanding as to what the fuck this dickhead really means.

But mostly, it’s fucking lame.

If you don’t have the nuts to own an opinion, especially an unpopular one, in the face of the public, then you don’t deserve to have an opinion… at least not one I will take seriously.

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