The Art of Addiction

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The Illusion that Knowledge is Power

Knowledge isn’t power. Knowledge is the unfounded temporary illusion of power, especially when wielded as a weapon.

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From experience 


The Mirror Of DaehKcid

Contrary to popular belief, I like the idea of personal change and perpetual progress (I’m just a pedant about it being on my terms).

I will say that the drive required to enjoy the process of change is one of the first that addiction tends to knock on its arse. They all go eventually, but a drive that values and seeks out discomfort is first up against the wall when the de-revolution comes.

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Care About Not Caring

One of the biggest challenges is working out the difference between not caring what people think, and not caring.



Sorry for being such a dick.
My bad.


EBTG : Downhill Racer

And nearly 20 years later I really understood the devasting power in the lyrics of this song.


Quotes from the past


Quotes to reflect by
Quotes to reflect by




I Will Fuck Your Soul

Yes please 🙂


The 60 Days – Day 1

After successfully completing my 31 Days at the end of last week, I’m starting a fresh challenge today, this time 60 days. 

After the lessons learnt from The 31 Day Challenge, I’m feeling quite confident about this challenge, even with the doubled time frame. 
I will also be adding a fitness element of alternating cycling and gym days to this challenge. Basically daily exercise and stretching.

It’s been a long few days.